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Replacement battery for your Trend Air Shield for much longer operating life and all of the benefits of Li-ion.

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Replacement battery pack for the Trend Air Shield. Replaces the N-MH batteries with lithium iion (Li-ion) with 10.2Ah, increasing battery life to up to 14 hours.

3D Printed using PLA Plastic Filament, li-ion batteries and charger included.

Due to Australia Post requirements regarding air freight and batteries, this item cannot be shipped outside of Australia without additional costs. Please contact us if you’d like to pursue international shipping.

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3 reviews for Trend Battery & Charger

  1. davestanton2779

    Definitely a huge improvement to the standard battery that came with the Trend Airshield Pro. I have tested my new battery that John made for me and it ran continuously for 15 hours without drop in airflow to the helmet! I would give this product 6 stars if I could!! One other thing I loved was that I could plug the charger in and leave it to do its thing. Automatically stops charging when the lithium battery is full.

  2. Stephen Wallbank (verified owner)

    What a difference. While the original battery is still OK I was sick and tired of the dreaded beep of a flat battery part way through a job, and the knowledge that it would need overnight charging. Add to that the fact that I would invariably leave it too long on charge. John’s new battery and charger works brilliantly. As Dave said it runs longer, charges quicker, and automatically drops down to a trickle charge when full. Cheap at the price.

  3. Andrew Makiejewski (verified owner)

    I bought 2 of these back in late 2018. I have used them exclusively as my original battery which was only a year old was not working very well. These last longer and hold a charge much longer then the original battery. Have no complaint with these units and am thankful that John makes these. Prices for the OEM is a fair bit more and not as good. Hopefully John will make a charging base for the battery so that one can charge the battery while using the mask. I am from Canada. Many thanks John and to Dave Staton letting us know about them

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